Tower T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Rose Gold

Tower T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Rose Gold


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 ower T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Rose Gold

The OWER T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Rose Gold is a smart appliance that makes it easy to cook your sandwiches. It has a toasting rack and a crumb tray that you can take out. 
This sandwich maker can toast bread with or without toppings, and it has an LCD screen that shows you how toasting is going.

Not only does it get rid of messy, time-consuming tasks, but it also makes things easier by automatically defrosting, turning off when it's done, and storing the cords.

The 900W rose gold deep-filled snack maker makes tasty snacks in a matter of minutes.
 With two easy-to-clean ceramic plates that don't stick, you don't need oil or butter. Both sides will cook at the same time, so there is no need to flip. With power on/ready lights and automatic temperature control, you can always get perfect results. It won't move around on your work surface because the feet don't slip, and the safety cut out feature gives you even more peace of mind.

900 watts.
Makes 2 sandwiches.
Deep fill.
Clip that locks the handle.
Floating lid with a hinge.
When you register online, you get a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Ower T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster is worth getting if you like breakfast or just like toast. It's easy to see why this Oster model has become a best seller in its category. It has a lot of useful features and is built to last.

The Ower T27031RG 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster has settings for bagels and English muffins that tell it when the bread is done. It also has a variable browning control for people who like their toast a little darker, and a timer that can be set to your favorite warm or cool temperature for the morning.
This stylish toaster has a rose gold finish and can hold up to 2 slices of bread. It's easy to use and great for families who are always on the go.

This is the toaster you need if you want one that works well and has features from the future. With features like self-centering toast and automatic shut-off, it will be easy to start your morning routine.


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