Cookworks 4 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Black

Cookworks 4 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Black


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 Cookworks 4 Portion Sandwich Toaster - Black

Sandwich toasters are the product of Cookworks, a business. They set out to perfect a portable sandwich toaster for hungry workers and commuters. They provide four distinct variations, each with its own set of features, pricing point, and footprint.

In a world where people don't have time to spend hours in the morning making or cooking their favorite sandwiches, it's simple to see why customers would be hungry for a new way to prepare their beloved sandwiches. In only six minutes and with any kind of bread or wrap, the Cookworks Sandwich Toaster can make four delicious sandwiches.

You can enjoy your favorite sandwich and make a second one with less effort with the Cookworks Sandwich Toaster, which has numerous settings and can toast any type of sandwich, from paninis to grill cheese and veggies, on up to two slices of bread at once.

This sandwich toaster from Cookworks will allow you to make toasties instead of regular sandwiches. Once they are finished, the non-stick coating should allow them to readily release from the mold. You can lock the handle until your toastie is ready, and it stays cold to the touch.

1200 watts.
Suitable for 4 sandwiches.
Securing clip for the grip.
The coating is nonstick,.
You can reheat bread without having to go through the entire toastering process.
Storing the cords.
One-year warranty from the maker.


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