Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press - Black

Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press - Black


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 Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press - Black

The Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press is a great product for people who want to make tasty paninis but don't want to deal with the regular size.

The Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press is a great kitchen tool to have. It's simple to use and easy to store. Plus, it's great for making a quick, healthy lunch or snack.
Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press - Black

With this Cookworks panini press, you can turn that boring baguette into a tasty panini. 
The handle can be locked until it's ready, and when it is, the non-stick coating should make it easy to slide off the cooking plate.

1080 watts.
Makes 2 sandwiches.
Clip that locks the handle.
Reheat function: Toast is warmed up without going through the whole toasting cycle.
Put away cords.
A one-year guarantee from the maker.
This tool is a must-have for anyone who wants to make delicious paninis in the kitchen because it makes the process easier and faster.

A "panini" is a sandwich made with grilled or roasted bread that is usually served hot. It was first used in Italy, but now many other countries use it too. A panini press is a special machine that combines the grill and the rotisserie by pressing cooked food between two hot plates.

Especially when it comes to food, a lot has changed over the years. When different ingredients and condiments were added to an ordinary sandwich at home or when it was served as part of a gourmet meal out, it became something special. To deal with these changes, people started going to cafes where they could use their smartphones to order their favorite paninis made by professionals.

The goal was to make something quick and easy that would taste great no matter what.


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